College Rules

  • Students are expected to be neatly dressed while in the college.
  • Girls have to wear preferably Salwar Kameez with Dupatta.
  • Boys have to wear shirts and pants in sober colours with their shirts tucked in.
  • Collarless tea -shirts, Clumsy looking jeans and fantastic colours and designs should be avoided.


Attending the college regularly is one of the foremost character traits the students have to acquire. It is needless to say that regularity in attendance is basic to any remarkable achievement at college. Any laxity in this regard will be viewed very seriously.

Students are expected to attend all the classes on all working days. If on account of unavoidable circumstances a student has to abstain from classes even for a single day he/she has to submit a leave letter countersigned by the parent. If the absence is for more than 3 days on medical grounds the leave letter has to be accompanied by a medical certificate.