Hostel Facility

LRG Naidu Junior College aims at providing homely care and attention for each student. It also strives to provide modern all – round education with special emphais on moral and ethical instruction as well as physical education, nurturing character building, tolerance, co-operation and academic excellence

Maximum opportunities will be provided on the college campus to encourage initiative, self-reliance and leadership qualities. Separate hotel is provided for both girls and boys.


LRG Institutions are known for their adherence to discipline. So all the lecturers and wardens have complete authority to take suitable action if any student goes astry. Students have to abide by the hostel rules that will be framed and announced from time to time.

  • Parents are allowed to talk or meet their children only in the above given time.
  • Unless there is a strong reason no student is allowed to move out of the hostel premises.
  • Parents have to send their children time from their homes.
  • It is the responsibility of the parents to take their children home in time for breaks and vacations.
  • No student is permitted to keep valuables, money or ornaments with them in the hostel rooms.
  • Possession of Cell Phones in the hostel as well as college premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The students are responsible to keep their surroundings clean.