At LRG Public school, we have a special library and reading hall. Books of diverse fields are made available. We also have subscribed to many children’s books and magazines. We believe that reading not only enhances the knowledge of a children but also makes wise. We have ensured that there are enough books for all the children to read and also take home. We have books in 1:5 ratios. Every child is also expected to read at least two books in one month apart from their prescribed text books

At LRG Public School, we encourage the students to donate a book in their name on their birthdays as a part of celebration instead of sweets or toffee distribution.

  • Every student must attend school library as it is mentioned in the class time table.
  • All children are expected to be at pin drop silence in the Library.
  • No other subject pending works can be done in this hall.
  • In case a student wants a book, he or she should approach the librarian or the concerned in charge teacher.
  • The child is expected to return the book before the period ending bell safely to the Librarian so the book can be placed in the correct place.
  • Student should return the borrowed books in the stipulated time failing which a fine will be levied for every day of delay.
  • No page or content of any of the library book to be damaged or spoiled. This would lead to the breach of library rules which is liable for punishment and depending upon the intensity of damage penalty.
  • Students appearing in board examination will be issued their admit cards only on returning all books /clearance of all dues.