• Being a girl child in India is not easy. Right from the birth, and sometimes even before birth, she faces discrimination and humiliation at every stage of her life.
  • In this unjust scenario, LRG Public School takes special care of girl child.We, at LRG Public School, in our process of coeducation, not only encourage at the children and people to give due respect to the female gender, but also strongly discourage eve teasing. Any case of major or minor eve teasing is immediately brought to the notice of the head of the institution.
  • After proper enquiry, if such a case is proved, the person who has indulged in the teasing is counselled by our student counsellor and the parents would be informed about the wrong behaviour of the child.
  • Both boys and girls are given equal access to library, computer lab, math or science lab, ground, etc.
  • No girl child is left out or remains unattended.
  • Girls are provided with a special infirmary room, where they can take rest under the supervision of lady nurse during their inconvenient times.
  • Even in the school buses, it is seen that girls are given their allotted seats and made feel comfortable.
  • We, at LRG Public School, have a special Girls club, which aims to spread awareness about health, hygiene, nutrition among girls aged 10-15. Our lady doctor, Dr. Padmaja, who is also a gynaecologist, conducts special classes exclusively for girls. They are also given room to express their doubts in privacy.
  • Over and above, we have LRG Girls Help Line with a toll free number 18004252311. Any girl child who faces any problem, in or out of the campus can contact over this number for immediate addressing and resolving of the inconvenience caused to her.