Transportation System

Our transportation System

At LRG Public School, we believe that child’s safety is the first concern.All the buses that run for the school are always maintained clean and in good condition. The driver is licensed and the care taker is a responsible one. To ensure safe student transportation, we obtain all the needed fitness certificates and on road permits for all our vehicles before the reopening of the school. The bus care taker takes the responsibility of helping the child in crossing the road after getting down from the bus at their respective bus stops.


  • Subject to availability of seats, students may avail bus facility as per existing rules and bus fees.
  • Bus fee will have to be remitted along with tuition fees.
  • The school does not entertain any change in the bus route to suit the individual’s convenience.
  • Bus facility cannot be withdrawn in the month of April, June and December to March.
  • Bus facility will be charged for whole academic session.
  • Students are expected to be present in their pickup point at least 10 minutes before the arrival time of the bus.
  • Bus will not wait for late comers.
  • The drivers are authorized to stop buses at the designated stop only, unless, otherwise directed by the transport in charge.
  • Playing, movement and misbehavior by the students inside the school bus is prohibited.
  • Student having bus facility are not allowed to change school buses or go by other means of transport without written permission from the Principal.
  • Eating of food in bus is not allowed
  • The driver’s attention must not be diverted for any reason. If any such case comes to notice bus facility will be cancelled.
  • Undisciplined behavior is strictly prohibited. In such case bus service will be withdrawn immediately without prior intimation.
  • Students will be held responsible for any damage to buses caused by negligence of vandalism and fined accordingly.
  • Parents of such students, who are availing bus facility will be fully responsible for any mishap/ accidents during the journey performed from residence to school and back to home from school. Management will not be responsible in any case.
  • A responsible person from the school is on duty in every vehicle with a mobile phone to keep connectivity with the school office. Please note down the contact numbers of respective bus in-charge, from the school office.